World Cuisine: 10 Best Food Cultures

Here’s a question. What is considered the best foods in the world? What makes one, or many, decide on which is the best and with a big pool of opinion, various preferences, likes and dislikes, how does one decide? There have been countless articles regarding a debate of where the best ingredients are harvested and made, as well as which type of cultures and countries have the very best of chefs globally.

The 10 Best Food Cultures in the World

  1. Germany

Finding its spot at number 10, Germany might be mad at this specific placement, but at least they made the list. Competing against nearly 200 countries, its pretzels, wide range of sausages and of course the schnitzel… They have a wide variety of interesting cuisine that sets them apart from others. Don’t forget their famous beer.

  1. China

The double dim sum for one-some? This is one country whose cuisine you’ll never grow tired of. China has one of the largest range of cuisine in the world and is known for their noodles, to say the least.

  1. Thailand

This is one-holiday destination everyone talks about and it’s not just because of its beautiful seaside views. Thailand has some of the best sweet pork BBQ’s, soups and spices in the world. Indulge in some savoury cuisine.

  1. Mexico

Mexican food culture is also noticed as one of the most varied in the world. Pan-Mexican cuisine is one of the biggest trends in the country. When in Mexico, be sure to try out the spiciest food of your life, as well as some of the best burgers in the world!

  1. Greece

Let’s have a meal, dance a bit, eat some more and then break some plates. There is a lot of excitement surrounding Greek culture which all adds up to its food. Greek food is pretty much a toss-up between Asian and European food culture. With their top unique technique and fine skill, ingredients and spices, of course, they made the list.

  1. Japan

Being China’s neighbour, obviously, Japan made the list. Sushi, sushi, sushi… Sashimi and more sushi. Oh, and don’t forget to try the miso soup, tempura and yes more sushi.

  1. Spain

With some of the best Tapas, Pintxos and Copas in the world, treat yourself and try some of Spain’s best meals in the world. These include Churros and Jamon Iberico

  1. France

Visit Paris and have your taste buds tickled by the most elegant French cuisine. The best on the list is their baguette’s, macarons which are also known as the ultimate unicorn food and escargot. France also has some of the best wines in the world.

  1. India

Known for having the top range of spices in the world, the following is a must. Dal, Dosa, Chai spice. Indian cuisine also includes various of sweet and savoury dishes which compliments any palette you could think of.

  1. Italy

Known for having some of the best pasta and pizzas in the world. Not to mention their coffee… Italy takes the number one spot and because it’s so adored around the world, you can find an Italian restaurant in most cities globally.

Post Author: Marco