What is the Most Popular Food in the World?

If you had to answer the question, ‘Which food is your most favourite of them all’ you’d probably say you don’t know. Either that or you’d actually name a food and then follow it up with something like “Oh and…”. That’s the thing when it comes to food. It’s something that has an endless amount of both variety and possibilities. With all the promise and the excitement, who in their right mind would say they have one favourite food anyway. Although this is a difficult question to answer, many have mentioned the following being amongst their favourites.

One of such is pizza. Now, since Italy is listed as the number one country for best food cuisine in the world, it doesn’t come to a surprise that one of the most preferred and indulging foods do too. More of some of the worlds favourite foods all include some of the simplest foods, such as French fries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice-cream and burgers.

Deciding on the most popular foods in the world

When polling the world’s favourite foods, it is important to remember that new trends and the things people like globally, constantly change.

The top foods, not only now, but either on a regular basis or not far off from the top three are pasta, rice and meat. While these choices might seem a bit strange, spaghetti and meatballs top the list at number one. Bet you thought it was pizza or ice-cream hmm?

Pizza doesn’t top the list globally but it is considered the number one food in the United States. More that topped the list and considered the very best are chicken and steak. Now while Americans might be considered a bit unhealthy in comparison to other countries, there are places such as Pakistan that are considered some of the healthiest as they prefer vegetables above anything else.

Two factors that affect people’s choice on deciding on the most popular foods in the world are health concerns and increasing food prices. See, although pizza is one of the most delectable foods in the world, you can’t necessarily have it every day. Well, you can but not if you want to look after your health. These type of foods, if not consumed in moderation, may force you to eventually stop eating them.

Rice, pasta and some of the cheapest foods on the shelf

When considering favourite foods and polling, some of the cheapest foods make the list as they are the most affordable in countries such as Africa, Asia, India, and even some of the first world countries. Apart from it being cheap, it is also very easy to make and is time efficient, which in today’s world that is what people are looking for.

Whether it be pizza, pasta, French fries, sushi or whatever, food is good and with its increasingly large variety, something no one can never get bored of.

Post Author: Marco